The Complete Dark Tide Trilogy: A Seven Stars Collection

The Complete Dark Tide Trilogy

An exciting military space opera adventure collection.

Book One: Emergence

War has come to our galaxy.

The Federation of United Planets, a galactic republic, has been invaded by the brutal alien race called the Krai’kesh. 

Using organic ships and strange new weapons they sweep through all resistance. They show no mercy or remorse and cannot be negotiated with.
Veteran Federation captain Martin Rigsby, stationed at the edge of the galaxy, must lead his fleet in a…

Blood And Shadows

ISBN 10 : 9780989743525
ISBN 13 : 0989743527

They came from the shadows. They came to destroy us. Twenty years ago, bloodthirsty assassins turned an innocent girl into a monster. Most of her humanity perished. She fell into d..


ISBN 10 : 9780998426303
ISBN 13 : 099842630X

Star Wars meets Starcraft in this high-octane science fantasy adventure about aliens invading from beyond our galaxy. Humanity has colonized thousands of planets on the far side of..

Dark Detectives An Anthology Of Supernatural Mysteries

ISBN 10 : 9781783291298
ISBN 13 : 178329129X

Eighteen stories of supernatural detective fiction, featuring sleuths who investigate fantastic and horrific cases, protecting the world from the forces of darkness. Each writer of..

Time Of Shadows

ISBN 10 : 9780989743556
ISBN 13 : 0989743551

A flash of light. In one moment, the lives of three college students from Earth are changed forever. They find themselves on the fantasy world of Tar Ebon. There they uncover their..

The Dark Tide

ISBN 10 : 0451451023
ISBN 13 : 9780451451026

Three of the Wee Folk guarding the border of their country become caught up in the deadly battle against the Evil Modru..

Vector Prime Star Wars Legends The New Jedi Order

ISBN 10 : 9780345467409
ISBN 13 : 034546740X

An exciting new era of Star Wars history is about to begin--as fantasy and science fiction's most acclaimed authors propel the legendary epic into the next millennium, introducing ..

Fatal Tide

ISBN 10 : 9781595549488
ISBN 13 : 159554948X

In East Salem, the elite St. Adrian’s Academy is at the nexus of a satanic apocalypse—and the fatal tide is rising. When Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights is reun..

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