Defiance: Book 5 of the Legacy Fleet Series (The Legacy Fleet Trilogy)

The fog of war clouds everything. Enemies lurk in the shadows, within the very fleet sworn to protect United Earth. Conspiracies and murder abound, and in the background…. The stalled alien invasion lurks.

The Golgothic ship has burrowed deep into the core of Saturn’s moon Titan, whose mass slowly but inexorably increases. The Dolmasi, once allies of United Earth in the Second Swarm War, now attack us, unhinged and without reason. And all the while, Admiral Shelby Proctor works to answer…


ISBN 10 : 1519465912
ISBN 13 : 9781519465917

We repelled the Swarm, for now. But they won't stop: they're inhuman. They have no inhibitions. No conscience. And no mercy. But from the crucible of battle has risen an unlikely h..

Dark Mind

ISBN 10 : 9780062368997
ISBN 13 : 0062368990

New York Times Bestselling Author Ian Douglas continues his Star Carrier saga as humanity unites against an ancient artificial consciousness powerful enough to exterminate every sp..

Chains Of Destiny Episode 2 The Pax Humana Saga

ISBN 10 : 1500200239
ISBN 13 : 9781500200237

ESCAPE!Captain Jacob Mercer and the USS Phoenix barely escape with their lives from the Imperial ambush at Liberty Station, and soon find themselves orbiting the frontier world Des..

Forgotten Worlds

ISBN 10 : 0316355771
ISBN 13 : 9780316355773

"Unforgettable characters and is jam-packed with action [and] adventure... one readers will not want to miss." --- Booklist "Gripping writing, a brilliantly realised future culture..

The Defiant Heart

ISBN 10 : 9781624540073
ISBN 13 : 1624540074

A maiden of Ireland enslaved . . . Seized during a brutal attack on her homeland, Ailinn vows to remain forever defiant against her Norse captors, no matter the future that awaits ..

A Call To Vengeance

ISBN 10 : 1476782105
ISBN 13 : 9781476782102

Book three in the nationally best-selling Manticore Ascendant series, a prequel series to David Weber's multiple New York Times best-selling Honor Harrington series. Sequel to A Ca..

The Pendulum Swings

ISBN 10 : 099519551X
ISBN 13 : 9780995195516

Hoodwink reunites with Ari and Tanner as the Satori mothership bears down on Ganymede. Meanwhile, Amoch's army plots death and destruction on the Inside, drawing much needed resour..

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