Enemy of Magic (Dragon’s Gift: The Protector Book 4)

There’s a monster on the loose, and only I can stop him.

My enemy Drakon is on the hunt for dragons, and I’m on the hunt for him. Problem is, he’s a step ahead of me every time. Worse, I’m a pawn in chess game only he understands.

When Drakon puts my hometown under a horrifying freezing spell, I get the first terrifying clue to his plan. My family is trapped, slowly wasting away. I must break the spell before it’s too late, but the task might kill me.

Though I’ve got my friends at…

Behind Enemy Lines

ISBN 10 : 9781612156347
ISBN 13 : 1612156347

Book SummaryThis book tells an interesting, exciting, and intriguing story of my training, experiences, relationships, and firsthand knowledge as a United States Army Staff Sergean..

Highway Platoon

ISBN 10 : 9780595464692
ISBN 13 : 0595464696

In 1967, the Highway Platoon of B Company, 504th MP Battalion worked out of Pleiku in the central highlands of South Vietnam. Each day the platoon's patrols were scattered over nea..

Fall From Grace

ISBN 10 : 9781450063555
ISBN 13 : 1450063551

He Was A Good Marine So Why Was He Discharged for Misconduct? Author Michael Short tells the Story of A Marine who Endured Torture as a POW during the Vietnam War and the Pain of B..

U S Special Forces

ISBN 10 : 9780786730810
ISBN 13 : 0786730811

President George W. Bush has told all Americans that the war against terrorism would be like no other war. But what does this mean? Who will fight? How will they fight? What weapon..

Acts Of War

ISBN 10 : 9780029148518
ISBN 13 : 0029148510


Prince Dragon

ISBN 10 : 9782820519177
ISBN 13 : 2820519172

Rohan est le nouveau prince du Désert. Il entend imposer une paix durable à son monde composé de principautés constamment divisées, toujours prêtes à se faire la guerre. Et,..

From Fledgling To Eagle

ISBN 10 : 9781920143305
ISBN 13 : 1920143300

The crucible of combat over 23 years forged the fledgling South African Air Force into a formidable strike weapon, capable of defeating the best Soviet air defences of the time. Fr..

Playing With Dragons

ISBN 10 : 9780718842604
ISBN 13 : 071884260X

There are many Jewish and early Christian texts which refer to dragons and the battle that God or his angels fight against them. The myth is easily ignored or sidelined on account ..

Snuff The Magic Dragon

ISBN 10 : 9781940371009
ISBN 13 : 1940371007

From National Bestselling author, Leslie Langtry comes a collection of short stories in the Greatest Hits Mysteries series featuring the Bombay Family of Assassins: What do the Min..

The Jewish Popes

ISBN 10 : 9781606046876
ISBN 13 : 160604687X

Will we ever see peace in the Middle East? If so, how will it come about? Currently negotiations are in the works for the creation of an independent Palestinian State. However, it ..

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