Infinity Born

A breathtaking near-future thriller. From the NY Times bestselling author whose books have sold over a million copies.

When DARPA’s billion-dollar program to create Artificial Superintelligence is sabotaged, US operative Cameron Carr is tasked with finding the culprit. He’s been on high-stakes missions before, but this time the stakes are nothing less than the future of humanity. Because the race to evolve a superintelligent computer is on, and power players around the world will stop at…

Satan Cantor Infinity

ISBN 10 : 9780486470368
ISBN 13 : 0486470369

Honorable knights, lying knaves, and other fanciful characters populate this unusual survey of the principles underlying the works of Georg Cantor. Created by a renowned mathematic..

The Logic Of Infinity

ISBN 10 : 9781139952774
ISBN 13 : 1139952773

Few mathematical results capture the imagination like Georg Cantor's groundbreaking work on infinity in the late nineteenth century. This opened the door to an intricate axiomatic ..

Man Was Not Born To Cry

ISBN 10 : 9781939542236
ISBN 13 : 1939542235

”The purpose of man is to show forth the nature of God,” says Joel Goldsmith in Man Was Not Born to Cry. “Man is the great glory of God. Man was not meant to cry, and all his..

Infinity Dwindled To Infancy

ISBN 10 : 9780802865557
ISBN 13 : 0802865550

At the heart of all ecumenical dialogue between Catholics and Evangelicals is their fundamental agreement on Christology and a common understanding and confession of the lordship o..

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