Zircon (Awakened Sea Dragons Book 1)

Seaton Zircon, formerly a powerful sea dragon who once kept the oceans in balance, has just awakened along with his two dragon siblings. Now they’re trapped on a beach with no way to take their true form, no knowledge of the modern world, and no way to get in touch with others of their kind. Just when they’re ready to lose hope, a kindhearted human woman offers to take them in. The only problem? Seaton’s sure he has just found his mate.

Jenny Reed runs a small restaurant frequented by…

A Well Made Bed

ISBN 10 : 159709305X
ISBN 13 : 9781597093057

"When do-gooder Noor and frumpy home-schooled Jaycee find in Jaycee's luggage a cheese stuffed with drugs that she has unwittingly smuggled home from Peru, greed overcomes good ins..

Ship Of Magic

ISBN 10 : 0553900250
ISBN 13 : 9780553900255

Bingtown is a hub of exotic trade and home to a merchant nobility famed for its liveships—rare vessels carved from wizardwood, which ripens magically into sentient awareness. Now..

Royal Assassin

ISBN 10 : 0553897497
ISBN 13 : 9780553897494

Fitz has survived his first hazardous mission as king’s assassin, but is left little more than a cripple. Battered and bitter, he vows to abandon his oath to King Shrewd, remaini..

Bearstone And Other Selected Works

ISBN 10 : 0134374363
ISBN 13 : 9780134374369

A troubled Indian boy goes to live with an elderly rancher whose caring ways help the boy become a man...

Dragon S Captive

ISBN 10 : 9781537874364
ISBN 13 : 1537874365

Our world is gone and the dragons have enslaved us. The life I knew was changed forever when I lost someone I loved. I became a traitor to my people the day I saved Theron, the han..

Song Of The Dragon

ISBN 10 : 9781101548370
ISBN 13 : 1101548371

Once humans had magic and an alliance with dragons. Now they and the other races have been enslaved by the Rhonas Empire-the elves-and can't even remember the world the way it used..

Firefighter Dragon

ISBN 10 : 1519089171
ISBN 13 : 9781519089175

A curvy archaeologist with the find of a lifetime + a firefighter dragon shifter battling his instincts + a priceless artifact coveted by a ruthless rival = one blazing hot adventu..

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