Bioterror! (an Ell Donsaii story #14)

“Bioterror!” is the fourteenth book in a series of near future SciFi/Thrillers. Their heroine Ell Donsaii has a nerve mutation that makes her a genius and provides her some astonishing athletic abilities.
In “Bioterror,” Ell’s son Zage, a five-year-old prodigy, is continuing to follow his interests biology and genetics in keeping with his aim to eradicate what he perceives to be an obesity epidemic partially driven by communicable viral diseases. His mother gets him permission to…


ISBN 10 : 2265096814
ISBN 13 : 9782265096813

Elvie, 16 ans, n'avait pas prévu de tomber enceinte du sublime - mais idiot - Cole. Son père, toujours prêt à gérer les crises, l'envoie sur une ancienne station spatiale tran..

La Fille Aux Sept Noms

ISBN 10 : 9782234077744
ISBN 13 : 2234077745

«Quand on quitte la Corée du Nord, on ne quitte pas un pays mais plutôt une autre galaxie. Je sais que je n’en serai jamais vraiment libérée où que j’aille.» Hyeonseo a ..

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