The Way of Kings: The Stormlight Archive Book One

According to mythology mankind used to live in The Tranquiline Halls. Heaven. But then the Voidbringers assaulted and captured heaven, casting out God and men. Men took root on Roshar, the world of storms. And the Voidbringers followed…

They came against man ten thousand times. To help them cope, the Almighty gave men powerful suits of armor and mystical weapons, known as Shardblades. Led by ten angelic Heralds and ten orders of knights known as Radiants, mankind finally won.

Or so the…

The Way Of Kings

ISBN 10 : 1429992808
ISBN 13 : 9781429992800

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Brandon Sanderson, The Way of Kings, Book One of the Stormlight Archive begins an incredible new saga of epic proportion. Roshar is a worl..

Brandon Sanderson Sampler

ISBN 10 : 9781466877726
ISBN 13 : 1466877723

Brandon Sanderson is one of the most innovative and prolific authors writing today, and Tor Books is proud to share with you two of his most exciting series: The Stormlight Archive..

L Empire Ultime Fils Des Brumes

ISBN 10 : 9782702150290
ISBN 13 : 2702150292

Les brumes règnent sur la nuit, Le Seigneur Maître sur le monde. Vin ne connait de l’Empire Ultime que les brumes de Luthadel, les pluies de cendre et le regard d’acier des G..

R Demption Elantris

ISBN 10 : 9782702150283
ISBN 13 : 2702150284

Kae, la nouvelle capitale de l’Arélon, vit dans l’ombre d’Elantris la maudite. Quand Sarène de Teod est arrivée à Kae pour y rencontrer son époux, le prince héritier Ra..

Words Of Radiance

ISBN 10 : 9781429949620
ISBN 13 : 1429949627

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Brandon Sanderson, Words of Radiance, Book Two of the Stormlight Archive, continues the immersive fantasy epic that The Way of Kings began..


ISBN 10 : 9781250166609
ISBN 13 : 1250166608

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Brandon Sanderson, a special gift edition of Edgedancer, a short novel of the Stormlight Archive (previously published in Arcanum Unbounde..

Brandon Sanderson S Fantasy Firsts

ISBN 10 : 9780765399557
ISBN 13 : 0765399555

This discounted ebundle includes: The Way of Kings, Mistborn: The Final Empire, Rithmatist, Alcatraz vs. The Evil Librarians From #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Storml..

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