Wrath and Ruin: A Science Fiction & Fantasy Boxed Set

25 bestselling authors. 24 exclusive novels. One epic collection.
Take flight with all new and exclusive stories that are out of this world, including full-length novels from some of today’s most popular names in science fiction and fantasy!

From magnificent dragons, bloodthirsty aliens, and mad genetic engineers to intergalactic wars, magical curses, and fantastical worlds, you’ll find everything you’ve been waiting for in this heart-stopping, limited edition collection.

With over 100 hours of…

Wrath And Ruin

ISBN 10 : 9781537826646
ISBN 13 : 1537826646

25 bestselling authors. 24 exclusive novels. 1 epic collection. Take flight with all NEW & EXCLUSIVE out of this world stories, incl. full-length novels from today’s popular name..

Wrath And Ruin

ISBN 10 : 1942462093
ISBN 13 : 9781942462095

An anthology of fantasy and sci-fi stories threaded with traditional horror. C.W. Briar's debut collection provides diverse experiences with a variety of genres, monsters, and sett..

Wrath Ruin

ISBN 10 : 9781627982399
ISBN 13 : 1627982396

Superhero Push and his team have battled many problems in Shove Point. Now they face an alien invasion, but there's friction in the group...

Breakfast In The Ruins

ISBN 10 : 9781618245632
ISBN 13 : 1618245635

Barry N. Malzberg reflects back over four decades of writing science fiction, giving an insider's view of the field during that time which few can match, both for its authority and..

Mr Ruin

ISBN 10 :
ISBN 13 :

Your mind is the battlefield. In the war that devastated the world, ex-marine Ritry was a 'Graysmith' - an elite interrogator who dived deep into the hellish fires of enemy minds. ..

Science Fiction

ISBN 10 : 0873386043
ISBN 13 : 9780873386043

Complementing Science-Fiction: The Early Years, which surveys Science Fiction books from its beginnings through to 1930, this volume covers all science-fiction printed in the genre..

Classical Traditions In Science Fiction

ISBN 10 : 9780199988433
ISBN 13 : 0199988439

For all its concern with change in the present and future, science fiction is deeply rooted in the past and, surprisingly, engages especially deeply with the ancient world. Indeed,..

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