Ashes of the Fall (The Remnants Trilogy Book 1)

Sometimes the fall is only the beginning.

In the year 2048, the crumbling remnants of western North America are suddenly buried in ash, weakening the grip of the brutal dictatorship. A factional landscape springs from the ashes, con man Luke Stokes artfully navigating the clash.

But he can’t remain above the fray for long, as each faction seeks the truth from Luke regarding his murdered brother’s final project. A neural-interface technology that will forever shift the fragile balance of the…

Ashes Of The Fall

ISBN 10 : 9781940708928
ISBN 13 : 1940708923


Ruins Of The Fall

ISBN 10 : 9781940708867
ISBN 13 : 1940708869

Sometimes ruins are a symbol of hope. Following the events of ASHES OF THE FALL, con man Luke Stokes flees to where no one can survive: the ruins of the western North American Circ..

Remnants Of Tomorrow

ISBN 10 : 9781250032690
ISBN 13 : 1250032695

Kassy Tayler's Remnants of Tomorrow brings all the factions together. The royals, the shiners, the rovers and the everyday workers of the dome as they fight against each other and ..

Ashes And Stars

ISBN 10 : 9780575125841
ISBN 13 : 0575125845

The terrible war between the Earth Federation and the Herculean Empire has been over for three centuries. The Herculeans had been over for three centuries. The Herculeans had been ..

In Hyval S Wake

ISBN 10 : 1469796309
ISBN 13 : 9781469796307

The Imperials have been defeated. The Liberation has placed Iyennya Farin and her new husband Darvin Hegg on the throne, tasked with reuniting the people of the Garden after a vici..

Une Braise Sous La Cendre

ISBN 10 : 9782823818192
ISBN 13 : 2823818197

Quand Games of Thrones rencontre Hunger Games ! Dans un monde où l'armée a pris le pouvoir, l'obscurantisme domine, mais deux adolescents vont s'unir pour tenter de renverser ceu..

The Cain Prophecy Lilitu Trilogy Book 3

ISBN 10 : 9781682610169
ISBN 13 : 1682610160

Far out in the desert, a superhuman assassin known only as Cain is using blood money to finance the excavation of an artifact as old as the earth itself. CIA operative Gabrielle ..

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