Boundary (Field Book 3)

Field Series Book 3
Archive had failed: Mankind’s extinction began.
A solitary intellect drew one conclusion: Adjust the past to ensure a future.
The interventions were set: Across 64 years, events converged…
It was now just a matter of Time.
As the convergence event draws closer,
survival will depend on the evolution of mind,
an encrypted message,
and the Boundary.

Euclidean Quantum Gravity On Manifolds With Boundary

ISBN 10 : 0792344723
ISBN 13 : 9780792344728

This book reflects our own struggle to understand the semiclassical behaviour of quantized fields in the presence of boundaries. Along many years, motivated by the problems of quan..

Boundary Markers

ISBN 10 : 9781877242908
ISBN 13 : 187724290X

"The land surveyors stood at a particular point in New Zealand's colonisation, implementing its principles on the ground and acting as mediators between cultures. For the Crown sur..

Generalized Calculus With Applications To Matter And Forces

ISBN 10 : 9781420071153
ISBN 13 : 1420071157

Combining mathematical theory, physical principles, and engineering problems, Generalized Calculus with Applications to Matter and Forces examines generalized functions, including ..

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