Revelations (Heritage of Power Book 2)

Power that’s growing ever more impossible to hide…

Captain Telryn “Trip” Yert is on the most important mission of his life. Accompanied by Captain Kaika, the sentient soulblade Jaxi, and Rysha Ravenwood—the noble-born scholar and officer he definitely shouldn’t be developing feelings for—he must find a way to close a portal that’s allowing more and more dragons into the world. If he fails, all of humanity could fall to the powerful creatures.

As if that wasn’t enough to…

Power And Place

ISBN 10 : 3110170086
ISBN 13 : 9783110170085

Archaeological, epigraphic, numismatic, and historical research is used to illuminate the meaning and function of temples in both Jewish and Greco-Roman cultures. This evidence is ..

Understanding The Book Of Revelation Book 2

ISBN 10 : 9781329208827
ISBN 13 : 132920882X

Following the book of Revelation Book 1, Book 2 continues from chapter 12. Learn about the antichrist, the beast, the infamous mark of the beast and the even more infamous number 6..

The Jewish Apocalyptic Heritage In Early Christianity

ISBN 10 : 9023229134
ISBN 13 : 9789023229131

The volume contains five chapters which investigate the early Christian appropriations of Jewish apocalyptic material. An introductory chapter surveys ancient perceptions of the ap..

Le Plus Grand Secret Tome 2

ISBN 10 : 9782924024522
ISBN 13 : 2924024528

L’auteur David Icke Ce tome 2 expose un côté sombre de la vérité sur l'étonnant passé de la famille royale britannique. Une recherche approfondie et des données inédites ..

Dark Revelations The Role Playing Game Book Of Magic

ISBN 10 : 9780994005519
ISBN 13 : 0994005512

Dark Revelations - The Role Playing Game - Book of Magic The Hodgepocalypse has been permanently afflicted by Magical energies and enclosed in this book are the result:..

Heritage Of The Saints

ISBN 10 : 9781629115863
ISBN 13 : 162911586X

The heritage of the saints is the presence of the Holy Spirit. The Heritage of Saints delves into Jesus Christ's mighty gift to mankind: the Holy Spirit. As Lockyer eloquently expl..

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