Death Ship

When Sergeant Jay Lucas is snatched away from his family farm by a diabolical sentient spaceship, he thought his life was over. But when his AI captor pumps Jay full of an insanely powerful liquid metal armor, he soon discovers the kidnapping was only the beginning of his trials.

As the bloodthirsty AI trains Jay to harvest souls and increase the duo’s power, Jay learns there is a whole universe of bad guys who need killing. And when Jay’s unwavering moral compass puts him at odds with…

The Death Ship Of Dartmouth

ISBN 10 : 0755323025
ISBN 13 : 9780755323029

When a body is found lying in the road, many in Dartmouth assume that a drunk had fallen and killed himself. At the same time, the town is on alert because a ship has been found ra..

The Death Ship A Strange Story Complete

ISBN 10 : 9781465604255
ISBN 13 : 1465604251

I will pass by all the explanations concerning the reasons of my going to sea, as I do not desire to forfeit your kind patience by letting this story stand. Enough if I say that af..

The Death Ship Trilogy

ISBN 10 : 9781771115599
ISBN 13 : 1771115599

Allied with no nation, following no faith, allowing no hope, the Death Ship terrorizes the world. Its captain is the breath of cold air on your cheek in the dead of night. His hand..

The Death Ship Of Dartmouth

ISBN 10 : 9781472219824
ISBN 13 : 1472219821

Autumn, 1324: when a man is found dead in the middle of a Dartmouth road, many assume his demise to be the result of a drunken accident. Meanwhile, a ship is found ravaged by pirat..

The Death Ship

ISBN 10 : 1934568546
ISBN 13 : 9781934568545

Stateless with no passport and not a nickel in his pocket; an American sailor is chased by the police across Europe until he finally finds a job shoveling coal on a steamer headed ..

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