The Secret of Spellshadow Manor 2: The Breaker

The highly anticipated second book of the Spellshadow series.

“We walk in dreams,” the Head had said. “It was only a matter of time before a nightmare followed us back.”

“Kingstone Keep. Falleaf House. Stillwater House. Spellshadow Manor. Seek these places, and do not leave them. Cower within their walls…”

Alex doesn’t have all the answers yet, but he and his friends are running out of time. With Aamir’s new position as a professor, they hoped he might be able to help them…

The Secret Of Spellshadow Manor

ISBN 10 : 1544118953
ISBN 13 : 9781544118956

A spine-tingling new fantasy-mystery, perfect for adults or teens who enjoyed Harry Potter... What would you do if you spotted a man following a young woman, but no-one else could ..

Orphan Of The Flames

ISBN 10 : 9781444908398
ISBN 13 : 1444908391

The team of code-crackers face a new code that has never been solved. Brodie, Hunter and Tusia are back at Station X, the secret code-cracking station at Bletchley Park. And they a..

The Gender Game

ISBN 10 : 1535197722
ISBN 13 : 9781535197724

For fans of The Hunger Games and Divergent comes a story like no other... A toxic river divides nineteen-year-old Violet Bates's world by gender. Women rule the East. Men rule the ..

The Drowned Kingdom

ISBN 10 : 1610674170
ISBN 13 : 9781610674171

Quinn, Sebastian, Elanor and Tom have found a dragon and conquered the dreaded Beast of Blackmoor Bog. Only one item remains on their impossible quest--the scale of a sea-serpent. ..

The Silver Dwarf

ISBN 10 : 1535246898
ISBN 13 : 9781535246897

Ben's double life continues at the Royal Institute of Magic. To most, he's a talented apprentice and an exceptional spellshooter, but Ben is also a Guardian, responsible for unitin..

Beautiful Monster 2

ISBN 10 : 1494274523
ISBN 13 : 9781494274528

The second and final book in the Beautiful Monster series has arrived! Liam knows his plan is so preposterous that it will either be wildly successful... or fatal. But it's a risk ..

Avis Blackthorn Is Not An Evil Wizard

ISBN 10 : 1502345498
ISBN 13 : 9781502345493

Avis Blackthorn Is Not an Evil Wizard! The first book in the Wizard Magic School Series The children's, teen and young adult fantasy magic bestseller about a not very evil Wizardâ€..

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